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SuperSet Fitness is a full-service personal training studio in Nassau Bay, Texas specializing in private fitness instruction. Our certified trainers offer one-on-one training in a private and secure facility in order to provide you with the best in personalized fitness and health programs. Our fitness packages are perfect for everyone—whether you want to lose those last 5 pounds or to drop 5 pants sizes. We use top-of-the-line technology to help you achieve your goals fast. Contact us today for a free assessment.

At SuperSet Fitness, we offer convenient hours to suit any schedule, and all of our personal training sessions are offered at affordable pricing—with prices up to 75% less than other franchise facilities. In addition, we are proud to offer you a private, discreet, and relaxed training environment, and we ensure your complete fitness satisfaction with our services. Give us a call to learn more about our aerobic, anaerobic, and vibration training, or to schedule a consultation to get on the fast track to good health!

The owner of SuperSet Fitness Studio has more than 9 years of experience offering personal training fitness services, and he is excited to offer you first-class training services for your best health and well-being. His goal is to provide an enjoyable team environment that promotes EARNING your health and fitness back. He will work hard to help you achieve your personal goals efficiently and safely. For quality services with integrity, choose SuperSet Fitness and discover the difference our training will make in your life!


Sydney has a great program set up... he includes cardio and weights, and it WORKS! I love how fit I am, and I actually look forward to going.

— L B

Wow, where do I start. I was dieting for about 3 weeks before making the call to Sidney. I was a bit nervous even calling. I’ve heard about other people’s experiences with trainers, and knowing I was 40 pounds over weight, I already concluded it would be one of my many starts and fails. I have to say that Sidney has changed my life. Yes, I had to do the work, but he has a way of tunneling my focus on the present day and not allowing me to drift into the overwhelming thought of where I need to ultimately be. It’s intimidating when taking your first steps. He’s not a rah rah trainer. He gradually steps you up and builds you up. He congratulates you on the day’s accomplishment without burdening you with thoughts of what’s ahead of you. You leave and realize you can’t wait to go back. This weekend is the first time I’ve heard of Sidney taking a couple of days off. I’m going nuts thinking of how I will handle not going in. If you’re looking for a no frills workout with someone who keeps it real and won’t allow you to look too far ahead and won’t let you take yourself too serious, this is the place. As I said, I’m already worried about what I’ll do when Sidney retires, and from what I can tell he has many more years he wants to help people. That’s all. Simple, effective, leave your calories, meet other fun people, and before you know it you’ve met some goals. I’ve lost 40 pounds and I’m at my goal. I see no stopping this. Good luck!!!!

— Tommy G

Have been working out here for the past 3 years. It's been a great experience. Sidney is an awesome trainer, will work with your schedule, and push you to continuously get better. 100% recommend!

— Abdullah Shaikh