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Look and Feel Your Best Ever with Our Personal Training Services

At SuperSet Fitness, located in Nassau Bay, Texas , we offer personalized aerobic and free-weight training for those who want to achieve their best body and health. Our private and secure facility is monitored electronically 24/7, with ample close parking for early-morning or late-evening training sessions. We are fully equipped to help you train for the best shape of your life. Our trainers utilize high-quality, commercial-grade equipment to help you meet your goals, and all of our trainers are certified and experienced in the personal health and fitness fields. We strive to provide team-motivating methods for your success. Contact us today for a free personal training screening and assessment.

Personal Training

SuperSet Fitness balances aerobic and anaerobic training to emphasize a healthier way to burn calories and increase your general strength. Our trainers are certified to provide you with consistent, effective training methods.

Vibration Training

Vibration training implements a unique technology typically used in rehabilitation and medical centers for faster recovery times. The VibePlate vibration platform increases strength, speed, and explosive power up to 2X faster than conventional aerobic, anaerobic, isometric, and plyometric training methods on stationary ground. Visit for more information.